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An Apple for the Teacher

An Apple for the Teacher

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A Clean Sweep

Yikes! I actually did it - deleted my entire blog and started over! I actually deleted over 2 years of time consuming blogging (which was very well written I might add). Sometime though, hitting the delete button causes just as much relief as stress. I'm still trying to decide what direction I want to go in with this new set up. Wow! Such freedom! Shall I write about school? Housewifery? What strange thing my neighbors are up to this week? With a new blog, I could write about it all! The one thing I know that will come up regularly is... food! Baking, cooking, serving and eating - it's all too good to pass up!

One thing I would really love is a new camera so that I can take pictures of the goodies I am whipping up (and putting down!). Maybe Santa will bring me something special... One thing that really pushed me in the direction of re-vamping (pun intended) my blog is this - tonight is the opening of the fourth installment of the Twilight movies, Breaking Dawn.

That was a joke, I was simply bored! But hey, this new template is looking pretty good, though I am still unsure about the font, is this making anyone else dizzy?

Enough small talk. Onto food, this is the creative genius of a constantly Rumbling Tummy, after all. I promise a festive Thanksgiving entry before T-Day (c'mon people, Turkey Day). BTW (Mom, that means "by the way"), my *firsties are putting on a Thanksgiving skit in honor of Abraham Lincoln (don't know of his contribution to Thanksgiving? Check it out here!). We will have included in the audience the K-8th grade students and teacher, parents and 29 Korean teachers visiting from Seoul (don't ask, but for this reason we will be "singing" a song in sign language, which is universal... right??). So, the pressure is on. After Tuesday I'll be much more rested and ready to post. Until then, have a snack.

*firsties = first graders, but a much cuter way to say it!

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